Activating your “I AM” Power from Within!

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I am a Wisdom Partner, Business Strategist, Spiritual Teacher, Healer and Metaphysician to Leaders, Executives, Companies, Universities and Schools since 1994. I am the Founder of the “I AM” Foundation teaching Self Development, Self Mastery, Self Discovery and Emotional Intelligence to Clients to activate their “I AM” Possible and create Genius results in all areas of Life.

Merging Business, Human Development, Mindset, Mindwellness, Spirituality and Self Mastery affording my Clients the opportunity to a Holistic expansion of Self, creating balance in all areas of life, eliminating stress and anxiety and living a life on purpose and with a deeper meaning.

I Transform old behaviour patterns that are not serving my Clients in their current life path and heal old emotional woulds that affect behaviour, relationships, money flow and success. We are energy and our energy gets blocked and depleted through negativity along the way. I clear old stagnant energy to ensure a flow of new ideas, creativity, clarity which ask for new beliefs and behaviour patterns to create a new personality for a better future.

I have been a former Director of a Top 10 Company, developing Staff for Major Companies since 1994 and was involved in many staff take overs, outsourcing of staff and the development of Leaders when my life took a tumble and forced me to relook and re-evaluate my “I AM” asking myself “Who Am I” which started this journey to Self that I now teach to others.



Exclusive Programs to develop the Leader, Executive, Staff or Private Client from within.

Developing Truck Drivers taught me that we need to flip the Mind switch to open the door of great development and opportunity to a different world as we know it.

The Key to sustainable success is Knowing Yourself deeply! Transforming your past experiences into Wisdom. Having a Mindset of “I AM” Possible! Nurturing Relationships in Business and Private. Live life on Purpose and Meaning. Speaking your Truth and being connected to your Intuition and Inner Guidance on tap.

Success starts from Within!!

Master your Mind, Master your Life!

“I AM” Possible Program

Imagine tapping into the “I AM” Possible Matrix of Life and become a Conscious Co-Creator of your own Life.

The “I AM” Possible Program helps Leaders to become Visionary Leaders who consciously behave to inspire, influence and co-create a successful future for all while developing Business Success.

The “I AM” Possible Program assist Staff with:

  • Self Actualization – Turn past experience into Wisdom
  • Mindset – Successful Outcomes
  • Personal Growth – Taking responsibility for Self
  • Goal Setting – Be on Purpose.
  • Accountability – Become proud achievers

Developing a sense of Self will eliminate:

  • The feeling of not being good enough
  • The expectation of entitlement
  • The feeling of being a victim
  • A negative Mindset

Beginner Program

6 Months Program

Old Paradigms transforming into Paradigms that supports your future Self. Understanding your past decisions, emotions and outcomes and using this wisdom to create momentum for your future success.


12 Months Program

Recreating your Reality in all areas of your Life. Find a renewed sense of purpose, deeper relationships, conscious business growth, better physical and mental health and a sense of peace.


Weekend & 1 Week Retreats

Various Topics of Self Discovery and Self Mastery, Conscious Leadership Strategies, Mindset Conditioning and Personal Spirituality. Get in touch with your Inner Self, Inner Peace and Inner Wisdom.


“I AM” POSSIBLE Foundation is Founded by Madelaine Gomes MsC.D, and is based on her own Journey, Mystical experiences, and deep studies into Self Development, Self Mastery, Human Science, Pranic Healing, Metaphysics, Business Strategies and Mind Programming.

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